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10 Pack Extra Premium Sponge Foam Cleaning Pads

10 Pack Extra Premium Sponge Foam Cleaning Pads

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Easy to clean, Just add water

Using Method
1. Rub the magic power in clean water and soak it.
2. Gently pick up excess water.
3. Gently wipe the area to be cleaned to decontaminate.
4. After wiping, the dirt that floats up is wiped dry with a rag.
5. Soak the magic sponge after use in water, no need to twist it, the dirt can dissolve out by itself, and then use it repeatedly.

A multi-surface cleaning sponge that quickly removes stubborn marks from most surfaces.
No need for chemicals added, strong power clean with water alone.
Tasteless, harmless, and non-toxic makes your house a real clean without pollution.

Cuttable & Perfect Size
Designed in a convenient rectangular shape that can be cut to size for your requirements. Perfect for those gaps and corners that are hard to reach.

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