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Vendor: Rowfaner

3D LED Digital Clock

3D LED Digital Clock

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Multifunctional LED Digital Wall Clock: LED screen automatically circulates time, date and temperature, 12 / 24-hour display function, three alarm clock modes, with wake-up function and automatic brightness adjustment function.

3D Art Design: The 3D white digital clock modeling design is simple and generous. It is suitable for any place. It can decorate your place well. The installation and operation is convenient. You can easily fix the clock on the desktop and wall. You can easily hang it on the wall as a wall clock.

Snooze Function: The 3D led alarm clock has the wake-up function. The snooze interval is 5 minutes, the alarm sound effect is Bibi / s, and it will stop automatically for 1 minute. During this period, the drip sound will gradually strengthen.

Brightness Adjustment Function: The mini 3D digital clock built-in brightness sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED clock according to the light of different environments. It won't disturb you at night or when you sleep. It's very comfortable. Whether day or night, there is enough brightness.

Power Supply: The 3D digital clock is only powered by USB cable, not by battery. You can hide the power cord behind some items or on the wall.

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