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3Pcs Crystal Jelly Flower Color Changing Lipstick Set

3Pcs Crystal Jelly Flower Color Changing Lipstick Set

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Benefits: Flower infused lipstick / lip balm, moist lips, prevent chapped lips, healthy and safe, color is not easy to fade.

Effects: Hydrating/long-lasting / shimmer / anti-aging / safe / colour temperature change, so you have your exclusive lip color at different times.

Color Changing: Flower Lipstick can improve and adjust the depth of lip color according to the actual temperature change of your lip temperature and humidity

Moisturizing Ingredients: Lip Balm is intimately made with cocoa butter, beeswax and essential oils, which can effectively lock in the lip moisture, lasting deep hydration, and keep your lips lustrous and hydrated at all times.

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