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Vendor: Rowfaner

4 In 1 Charging Cable

4 In 1 Charging Cable

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4 IN 1 CHARGING CABLE: Wide compatibility dual head charging cable. Upgrade TYPE C to TYPE C cable, we add respectively extra USB adapter and Light-ning adapter on each TYPC ends, which enable you can use it as USB-A to Light-ning cable, USB A to Type C cable, Type C to Type C cable and Type C to Light-ning cable for any of your need.

66/100W FAST CHARGING & DATA TRANSFER: Support max 100w fast charging. Built in smart chip, automatically distribute proper current and control voltage, ensuring the low heat running, no damage to batteries, maintaining the good performance of batteries and devices. This 4 in 1 USB cable supports high-speed data transfer with up to 480Mbps transfer rates.

PREMIUM DURABILITY: This usb to light-ning cable is constructed with corrosion-resistant, zinc alloy connectors, low heat, durable to use.

MULTIPLE PROTECTION MECHANISMS: Built in PTC protection, can protect devices from heat under abnormal charging state, maintain the performance of devices and ensure safety use. Also with anti-short circuit, anti-reverse, anti-surge, protection.

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