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Vendor: Rowfaner

7 Colors USB Air Humidifier Bulb Lamp

7 Colors USB Air Humidifier Bulb Lamp

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Small landscape vase,heavy decoration pro-environment stone can make the small vase Multi-angle display and also the stone can adsorption the Impurities, noise less then 30 decibel.

Ultrasound micro atomization technology, spray more Uniform and exquisite, moisture more completly, effectly stop the static electricity in dry environment, decrease radiation and keep the skin smooth.

The raw material is up to the standard of the food grade, PET food grade material ,can use as a drinking bottles.

400ml super capacity, can meet your daily dosage. Transparent water box can observed water level anytime, internal have enlarge effect, can observed if produce bacterial and change the pure water in time.

A variety of power supply,can use USB cable , convenient useful, spary timing 6 hours, water box capacity can continue 10 hours.

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