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Vendor: Rowfaner

Auto Keystone Mini Projector

Auto Keystone Mini Projector

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180° Rotatable Projection

Experience effortless flexibility with this indoor projector! The 180° rotating stand empowers you to position the image seamlessly from floor to desktop, wall, or even the ceiling so you could lie in bed and watch movies with your partner or kids.

Portable Bluetooth Projector with Automatic Keystone Correction

1. The HY300 mini projector features manual focus and auto keystone correction technologies. With a built-in high-precision sensor, it swiftly and accurately detects real-time movement. After booting up, please use manual focus. The auto keystone correction automatically adjusts the image vertically but not horizontally.
2. Additionally, you can effortlessly zoom the image from 100% to 50% using remote control without physically moving the projector, which makes it suitable for any size room.

Bluetooth 5.0 Video Projector

Equipped with a built-in BT 5.0 chip, the Bluetooth projector enables seamless connections with your preferred Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Immerse yourself in diverse soundscapes, capturing every detail for an enhanced vision experience.
NOTE: Please be aware that the Bluetooth connection is exclusively designed for pairing with Bluetooth speakers. It does not detect or connect to such devices as cell phones or laptops, even if they have Bluetooth enabled and are actively searching, as both serve as transmitting devices.

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