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Contact Lens Wearing Clip

Contact Lens Wearing Clip

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The grinding aid for this new type of contact lens is made of ABS material. More convenient to wear and remove contact lenses, avoiding direct use of fingers, especially suitable for girls with long nails.

Fit to eye shape: Fit to the contour of the eyes and not easily pinch the skin, suitable for various eye shapes. Easily open the eyelids to wear or remove contact lenses and cosmetic pupils.
High quality material: Electroplated material has a longer usage time than plastic, and the handle is comfortable to grip. It is recommended to rinse silicone before use
Compact and convenient: compact and lightweight, perfect for daily outings or travel. Keep it in a makeup bag without occupying any space
Soft and comfortable: High elastic silicone is flat and evenly applied to avoid puncturing eyes.

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