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Vendor: Rowfaner

Floor Squeegee Rubber with Adjustable Handle

Floor Squeegee Rubber with Adjustable Handle

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❤️Multifunction Silicone Squeegee❤️It's not only sweeps but also scrapes the shower room and windows,Wet and dry cleaning tools.It effectively sweeps out fine dust & debris, and liquid spills(Including oily liquids) and removes pet & human hair, sand, glass shards, and more!

🥳30.7"-49.6" Adjustable Long Handle🥳The 180° rotating silicone scraper head can clean narrow corners and hard-to-reach places. Whether it is under the bed, under the sofa, in the corner of the window, or under the locker, the whole house can be easily cleaned.

🏠Has many uses🏠Rowfaner squeegee broom for floor has the free combination function of multiple lengths, allowing you to use the short size to clean mirrors, desktops, cars, and the medium size to clean floors, carpets, walls, etc. .🔥Cleanable and easy to maintain🔥After each use, you only need to rinse the scraper with clean water to achieve a clean and dirt-free state without tangled hair.

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