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Vendor: Rowfaner

Grain Moisture-Proof Sealed Bag

Grain Moisture-Proof Sealed Bag

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GRAIN MOISTURE-PROOF SEALED BAG: The vertical design saves space and keeps your kitchen organizer, and the clear packaging allows you to easily view your content and save you time.
FOOD-SAFE MATERIALS,REUSABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% non-toxic and BPA-free, it is safe to use for food storing, preserving the natural qualities of food for longer.

PROTECTS SNACKS FROM CONDENSATION & MOISTURE: Keep freshness & No more bugs get into the food.These decorative resealable jar-shaped bag helps keep food fresh for longer and prevent decontamination.
CONVENIENT SEALED CAP MECHANISM: Incredibly easy to use, with a reliable and convenient Sealed Cap mechanism, the Grain Moisture-proof Sealed Bag makes it easy to store nuts, grains, beans, snacks, powders, spices and more, or any sort of food for that matter, in a space-efficient and sustainable manner.

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