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Hand Grip Strength Dynamometer

Hand Grip Strength Dynamometer

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Why not use a normal gripper instead of the Strength Dynamometer?

First off, the Strength Dynamometer stands out because it lets you pick the resistance that suits you best, something regular grippers don't offer. No one-size-fits-all here! Plus, it's got a cool grip trainer mode for practicing and a grip meter mode to measure how strong your grip is when you give it a good squeeze. It's like having multiple grip trainers with different resistances, all in one!

Electronic Hand Dynamometer: User parameters, measurement and exercise mode settings, set user information and target grip value before use, and automatically grab the maximum strength value.

LED Display: The electronic hand dynamometer has LED display that is easy to read and shows your results in clear detail.

Accurate Measurement: Using sophisticated production technology, accurate measurement, simple operation, easy to use.

Adjustable Grip Distance: Adjustable grip distance, to meet the use of different people, relieve muscle fatigue, exercise palm strength.

Uses: Can be used for entertainment between classes, exam exercise, daily fitness, rehabilitation training, office games, fitness for the elderly, etc.

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