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Leg Massager 360°

Leg Massager 360°

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Material: Cloth, built-in 3200mah battery, 3-speed massage method, 2h battery life, C port charging, 3-speed temperature adjustment, 3 kinds of massage strength.

Customizable Massage Experience: Experience a range of massage modes with the leg massager, offering 3 different massage modes and 3 intensity levels. Whether you prefer a gentle or powerful massage, this device can effectively relax tense muscles and relieve leg pain. Promote blood circulation in your legs with the comforting warmth.

Easy to Use: The leg massager is designed for convenience. It utilizes a Type-C charging port, allowing for easy recharging in a cycle. With a single charge, it provides 1-2 hours of usage. The independent controller and cordless design offer freedom and flexibility to use the massager while walking, working, or even doing household chores. Enjoy a leg massage without being tied down.

Adjustable Size for Perfect Fit: Designed to accommodate various leg sizes, this leg massager is suitable for calves with a circumference of up to 22.5 inches. The magic tape straps allow for easy size adjustment and customized tightness. It is suitable for those who engage in excessive exercise, experience leg muscle soreness, stand for long periods, have calf muscle stiffness, or suffer from poor blood circulation or cold legs.

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