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Length and lock Hair Stretcher: Length-n-Lock is a device designed to hold the length of your curls/coils as they dry, so you can enjoy elongated styles whenever you want.

Materials: Length n lock hair stretcher is made of breathable and durable polyester mesh fabric that facilitates natural airflow. The horizontal ends contain a flexible material that makes it easy to wrap around hair of different thicknesses.

Precision Hooks: A row of hooks on the vertical side seamlessly snaps into small holes in the mesh, providing adjustable elasticity for a customized fit.

Customized Length: The Length-n-Lock is approximately 13 x 7 inches in length. The ends of each unit can be rolled up to fit a variety of hair lengths.

Hair Type: The Length and lock hair stretcher is designed primarily for people with type 3 and type 4 (3b-4c) hair. While it can also be used on curly/wavy textured looser hair, it is important to note that the results may vary!

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