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Long Slit Crevice Cleaning Brush - Black

Long Slit Crevice Cleaning Brush - Black

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【High Density Bristle】 This crevice brush uses harder bristles than ordinary brushes, coupled with high-density arrangement technology, so that the gap brush has super cleaning ability, and can easily remove dirt in the narrowest crevices.
【Multipurpose】 Suitable for cleaning window tracks, sliding door tracks, shower door tracks, toilet lid gaps, gaps around kitchen sinks and bathroom basins, etc. No matter where you need to use it, it can complete your tasks well and help you keep every corner of your home clean!

【Innovative design】 It adopts a long strip design, with a length of 4.7in, a width of 0.8in, and a thickness of only 0.25in. The top is bent in a small arc, so that the brush can reach into various crevices and dead ends for cleaning.
【Package Contains】 The product includes 4 bristle crevice brushes, which are economical and meet various cleaning needs in bathrooms and kitchens


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