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Vendor: Rowfaner

Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Red

Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Red

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The helmet cover is an elastic band design for easy wearing, and a soft sponge design protects the appearance of the helmet!

Colorful and interesting furry helmet suit that will change the solid appearance of the helmet, add fun, add fun and exposure while driving.Makes Everyone Happy: everywhere you ride wearing this funny helmet cover you'll brighten people's day. Children will laugh, heads will turn and people will smile.


  1. These are all one size that fits snugly over most motorcycle helmets.
  2. These covers can potentially impede vision, dependent on the type of motorcycle helmet and how it has been fitted.
  3. It is not recommended to wear this helmet cover while travelling at high speeds as it can increase wind drag.
  4. These covers can reduce wind noise and other surrounding sounds.
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