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Vendor: Rowfaner

Multifunctional Hot Air Curler

Multifunctional Hot Air Curler

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Different Styles: Combining a dryer with a styling brush that allows you to adapt to different hair lengths and create different styles. It is also ideal for using different seasons and all hair types, helping you easily achieve the hairstyle you have always longed for.

Temperature: The hair dryer volumizer uses up to 1100 W/110 V offering three temperature controls for better control when styling hair.

Tangle-free: Thanks to the combination of the union of the nylon pin and the cooked bristles, the dryer brush reduces tangles such as hair breakage, in which it helps to provide a pleasant massage on the scalp. It has 5 easily interchangeable brush attachments that allow you to straighten, curl, volumize and massage the scalp with ease.

Technology: Uses advanced negative ion technology with a ceramic coating that reaches directly to the surface of the hair, reducing static electricity and softening damaged hair, as well as effectively blocking moisture and reducing split ends.

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