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Vendor: Rowfaner

Pet Lint Remover Brush 4 in 1 Fur Brush Removal

Pet Lint Remover Brush 4 in 1 Fur Brush Removal

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Your Ultimate Cleaning Companion!

4 in 1 Fur Brush Removal

1. Multi-Purpose Magic: rowfaner's soft flannel brush effortlessly reaches every crevice of your screen mesh. It's also a lint brush, making quick work of fur and dust on clothes, sofas, rugs, beds, and more.

2. Wet & Dry Wonder: Enjoy both dry and wet cleaning with rowfaner. Use it dry for screen and fluff, or switch to wet mode for tackling windows, tiles, and years of dust buildup.

4 in 1 Fur Brush Removal

3. Easy Setup & Handling: rowfaner's easy installation requires no expertise. Adjust the detachable extension handle to your preferred length. The brush head has a small brush for tight spaces, while the tail features a longer brush for continuous cleaning.

4. Versatile Cleaning Solution: rowfaner isn't limited to one space; it's your go-to tool for homes and cars. Clean screen windows, sofas, seats, desktops, ceramic tiles, and more at home, and keep your car's interior fur-free on the go.

Experience the rowfaner difference – order yours today and enjoy a cleaner, more efficient home and car!

4 in 1 Fur Brush Removal

Product information:

Material: Plastic
Color: 1 hair removal brush
Style: Modern and minimalist
Size: 45 * 18cm

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