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Vendor: Rowfaner

Phone Cooler Magnetic with Semi-Conductor Cooling Chip

Phone Cooler Magnetic with Semi-Conductor Cooling Chip

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Two-position adjustment: The phone cooler features a brand new design with strong magnetic suction function, dual speed adjustable cooling speed and digital display of temperature.
Powerful magnetic attraction: Using our complimentary elastic clip and magnetic sheet, you can fix the magnetic sheet on the back of your cell phone that doesn't support the magnetic suction function, and easily fix the cell phone radiator on your cell phone. You can also use our complimentary clips for most cell phones.

Semiconductor heat disipatio: Adopts a large cooling pad that utilizes semiconductor technology to dramatically improve cooling performance. Built-in large cooling plate, instantly cools down when you turn on the power, no need to wait to avoid overheating, ensuring a stable live broadcast or gaming experience.
Low noise operation: The silent design of the fan can efficiently dispense air from all sides, providing stronger cooling effect.

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