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Premium Silver Aluminum Foil Tape (2" x65Feet,3.9mil)

Premium Silver Aluminum Foil Tape (2" x65Feet,3.9mil)

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Wide Applications】Aluminum tape with adhesive backing is suitable for sealing, repairs and patching HVAC air duct system, wrap pipes insulation, etc. Aluminum foil tape is suitable for smooth flat and irregular surfaces to heat resistant.

Strong Adhesion】Our metal tape is made of high quality pressure sensitive adhesives. So, this silver tape has stronger sticking, easier tearing, leave no trace without residual glue. 

3.9mil Thickness Aluminum Foil Tape】If insulation tape is too thick, the heavy duty tape will be difficult to fit the pipe surface wrapping. The hvac tape of 3.9 mil thickness is moderate and perfect for use. So our 3.9mil muffler tape is not easy to break, high quality and affordable. 

Premium Silver Aluminum Foil Tape】Our such silver foil tape for ductwork has good waterproof performance, UV resistance, moisture resistance, heating / heat resistant, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, insulation, flame retardant, sealing seams.

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