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Vendor: Rowfaner

Range Automatic Water Gun

Range Automatic Water Gun

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Take Water Fights to the Next Level!

The ultimate weapon for endless water battles! Enjoy soaking your friends with up to 30 ft of constant streams.

Immense Power!

Say goodbye to slow weak water streams and hello to rapid fire non-stop blasts of water! Automatic firing so you can soak your opponents in no time.

Super Easy to Use!

Just fill up the water tank and start blasting. The Water Gun guarantees you can withstand the toughest water battles.

Design: Equipped with two large capacity batteries, this water gun allows for freer outdoor play. The physical appearance and ergonomics of the toy are important, with an eye-catching technological appearance that adds to the play experience. A well-designed water toy should be comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

Electric Shooting: Soak your enemies with a single or continuous stream of water, reaching up to 20-30 feet away. No need to pump, just press the trigger and unleash the force of water.

Dual Water Tank: Stay in the game with this electric water gun, which has two water tanks, 434CC+58CC, for extra ammo. The water tank is clear, so you can check how much water you have left. You can easily switch between the tanks or refill them fast.

Durability: A durable water toy can withstand regular use and exposure to water, lasting longer and providing more value for children.

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