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Stainless Multifunctional Shrimp Line Knife

Stainless Multifunctional Shrimp Line Knife

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【Double Row Blades】One end of the shrimp knife is designed with two rows of blades, one long and one short. The long ones can be used to cut shrimp heads, pick shrimp lines, scrape fish scales, etc. The short ones can be used to match with the long ones to scrape the belly of the fish and cut duck intestines.
【Eagle Beak Design】One end of the shrimp line removal knife is designed with an eagle-beak, which directly pierces the back of the shrimp. The shells can be peeled quickly to get the complete shrimp meat. Perfect for peeling raw and cooked shrimp. The fish scaler remover blade has a smooth texture and is easy to rinse off.
【Durable Material】Our shrimp line knife is made of premium 304 stainless steel, which is durable, won't break, won't rust, and lightweight. The multifunctional shrimp peeler has a sharp blade, so it is so easy to cut the shrimp head, pick shrimp lines, remove the fish scales and split the fish.
【Wide Application】This stainless steel shrimp cleaner tool is a Multifunction kitchen tool that can remove shrimp line, cut, descale, and gut, etc. Shrimp peeler tool are suitable for all kinds of seafood and fish, such as lobster, shrimp, crab legs and other seafood. multifunctional shrimp line fish maw knife is perfect for many scenes, such as family, picnic, dinner, restaurant, etc.


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