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Vendor: Rowfaner

Undercarriage Pressure Waher

Undercarriage Pressure Waher

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Protect your vehicle against damages from daily wear-and-tear!

The Undercarriage Cleaning Kit is a proven solution that greatly increases the lifetime of your vehicle and protects your investment! Undercarriage damages cost thousands in repair fees and are notoriously difficult to clean without an expensive car wash.

Cleaning your undercarriage prevents the following problems:

  • Rust & corrosion due to road salt and foreign objects
  • Drainage problems from mud and dust stuck in parts
  • Daily scratches, dents, and wear-and-tear
  • Undercarriage overheating due to damaged cooling systems

Comes with high-pressure rolling attachment+ 3 extension rods! 

This undercarriage cleaning bundle is easy to use. The all-direction wheels are designed to be smooth on any surface. It attaches directly through your pressure washers or through the provided extension wands. No need to crawl under your car to get tough spots!

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