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Wireless Selfie Stick with Extendable Monopod

Wireless Selfie Stick with Extendable Monopod

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Compact and Portable Design: Elevate your mobile photography with the Smart Gimbal Mobile Stabilizer, weighing just 0.32 kg. Its mini design ensures portability for on-the-go creativity without compromising performance.
Impressive Telescopic Reach: Reach new heights with a maximum telescopic length of 175cm. Capture breathtaking landscapes, dynamic sports scenes, and intimate close-ups with ease and precision.
Professional-Grade Stability: Our stabilizer features advanced anti-shake technology, providing professional-grade stabilization for smooth and clear videos and photos.

Wireless Control and Sport Inception: Take creative control with the wireless remote feature. Capture shots from a distance and explore new angles effortlessly. The Sport Inception mode adds a dynamic touch to your content
Universal Phone Compatibility: Versatile and accommodating, the stabilizer fits phones with screen sizes from 4.7 to 6.2 inches. Your device stays secure, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect moment.
Flexible Adjustment and Tripod Function: Unleash your creativity with 360° free adjustment, supporting both horizontal and vertical screen orientations. The stabilizer doubles as a reliable tripod.

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