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Women Muslim Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Women Muslim Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

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1. Our prayer garments are exceptional in quality visual appeal and value. Crafted with the wishes of the devout in mind, this Islamic prayer attire can satisfy your spiritual quest at home, at work, or elsewhere.

2. Made of spandex, offering custom fit, solid color and classic design, seamless, lightweight and stretchable fabric makes you feel comfortable in any position. Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle.

3. The main outfit is a comfortable and practical prayer skirt without a headscarf, and the long dress is available in a variety of colors, making you look chic and beautiful.

4. Welcome a new family member or new member of faith during Ramadan or Eid, this prayer skirt is the perfect gift any time of the year. It surpasses other prayer garments in the quality and composition of the blended fabric.

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