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Vendor: Rowfaner

120W LED UV Lamp for Gel Nails

120W LED UV Lamp for Gel Nails

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UV LED Lamp for gel nail strips/wraps, gel nail polish, nail art, glitter art. A fast, easy, durable manicure in minutes! Lasts 2-3 weeks.

UV / LED Nail Lamp cures all types of gel nail polish and extensions including hard gels, UV/LED gels, CND Shellac, OPI, sculpture, guilders and builders.

120W Power LED / UV. The ideal power for even, fast curing withour damaging nails and skin.

36 Diodes (Light Beads) for even, smooth curing. 4 Settings: 30s / 60s / 99s / low heat mode for sensitive skin and nails + 120 countdown sensor. Removable Base for easy pedicures!

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