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2-in-1 Chill and Heat Auto Cup Holder

2-in-1 Chill and Heat Auto Cup Holder

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Have you ever drunk a lukewarm coffee or a lemonade that was too hot while on the go? 🤔

Long commutes and car rides can lead to frustrating drinking experiences. Traditional car cup holders just aren't the right fit. But imagine this: you're driving, you reach for your drink and it's the perfect temperature - every single time. Our Auto Mug is your new travel companion, ensuring your drink is exactly the way you love it, no matter the time of travel.

Fast heating and cooling: Keep your drink cool in 15 minutes and make your coffee hot in 8 minutes. Fast cooling at least 0 degrees, fast heating maximum temperature 60 degrees. Quick cooling and quick heating functions that allow you to enjoy your drink faster, even if the fatigue sets in on the road, this will be a pleasant surprise for you!

Simple and atmospheric appearance: Simple grey and black appearance that conveys a feeling of atmospheric premium. The design of the digital large screen temperature display allows you to easily choose the hot and cold temperature and drive safer!

Wide compatibility: For irregular bottle bases, such as mineral water bottles, we recommend adding 2 cm of water as a conducting medium into the cup when using. Suitable for heating various materials such as aluminium, iron, plastic, glass, etc. Among the conductive media, aluminum is more conductive, followed by steel, iron, glass and plastic.

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