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Bath Toys for Toddlers

Bath Toys for Toddlers

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Bath Toy Bathtub Toys: Kids can fill, flow and spin with the two cups by themselves when taking a bath. Babies can pour water in the two cups to rotate the cartoon eyes, create waterfall, drive rotary gear and rotate propeller. The bathtub toy not only brings babies funny bath time but also develops babies' hand-eye coordination, motor skills and shape recognition. Kids always prefer to choose the brightly colored bathtub toys! 

FUN BATH TOYS: Your kids will love bathing from now on! They can play game by themselves. When children pour water into toys, the gravity of water makes the monkey's eyes and stars rotate, the monkey's mouth will spit water, and the water at the outlet of multiple pipes below forms a beautiful waterfall, which drives the windmill to rotate.

DEVELOP HAND-EYE COORDINATION: The Bath Toy is also a excellent learning gift for kids, to help in the development of mental and coordination abilities of kids. Children can learn simple knowledge of mechanical movement through filling the bathtub toys.

SAFE, NO BATTERIES & SMOOTH EDGES: The bath toy is made of durable plastic material and BPA free bath toys, environmental protection, safe and entertaining bathtub toy for 1 2 3 4 year old boys and girls.

STRONG SUCTION CUPS: Invest in the coolest bath time activity that comes with 2 powerful suction cups that won’t lose their grip. It can stick onto those flat and smooth surfaces. And you can change to any places and re-attach it anytime.

EASY TO INSTALL, CLEAN AND DRY: The bath toys holder provides air circulation and allows the water to completely drain, then you can give the bath toy a full cleaning, so it can keep dry and clean easily.

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