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Vendor: Rowfaner

Double sided window cleaner glass wiper

Double sided window cleaner glass wiper

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ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC - 6 gears for different glass thicknesses (3mm-40mm), saving you $25, 1 gear for thin glass. 6 gears are suitable for thick glass. Easily solve cleaning problems of glass of different thickness No need to change glass with different magnetic cleaning tools, and you don't need to hire someone to help you clean your windows.
Magnetic Window Cleaner Cleans Hard-to-reach Areas With Effort - An easy way to clean bedroom windows, glass panes in multi-story homes, or living room windows, it makes removing dirt and film simple.
Expand the cleaning area of the sponge: the double-sided window cleaner has 3 sponges with water collection function to keep moisture. After rotating the clip 90°, the sponge can be removed and replaced at any time.
Window cleaner magnetic equipped with safety rope: 2m thick safety rope is elastic, safe and reliable. (Instruction manual included) The size is 15.9*10*12.4cm.
Surprise gift: As long as you buy Fcare double-sided window wiper, we will give you 48 scouring pads, 6 rubber strips and 34 buckles, with a total value of $14.98. The scouring pads and wiper rubber strips on the glass can be replaced. Replace the glass wiper accessories regularly for better cleaning results.


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