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Floor Care Cleaning Tablets (90 pieces)

Floor Care Cleaning Tablets (90 pieces)

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【Concentrated Soluble Cleaning Slice】Does your floor look old and dirty even though you every day?Use All Around Dissolving Paper Cleaner to get of stubborn dirt on the floor! It appears in dry paper form while performing a POWERFUL deep cleansing after dissolving with water.
【Multi-purpose Cleaner】It allows FAST AND EASY removal of dirt and stains from sealed hard floors including , tile, wood, vinyl, laminate and more. this pack of paper to leave floor surfaces shiny, streak-free and germ-free now
【Strong Decontamination】1. Effectively clean stubborn stains without damaging the floor and preventing the floor from yellowing. 2. No corrosive ingredients, quickly clean the surface stains, make the floor smooth and clean. 3. No foam, mildness, no irritation, no injury to the hands, care for the health of the family.
【Remove odors and leave for a long time】The solid cleaning tablet contains plant extracts, which can effectively remove the odor of the floor. After cleaning, it is smooth and has a long-lasting.
【SAFT and Eco friendly】 The floor cleaner concentrate has powerful cleaning ability. It is gentle, non-corrosive component, no harm to the hands, care for the health of the family. Pro Trusted All-Purpose floor cleaner with No Residue.


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