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Vendor: Rowfaner

Kitchen Stain Remover Scraper (2 pcs)

Kitchen Stain Remover Scraper (2 pcs)

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Light weight: The dishwashing scraper is made of very durable and light silica gel. It is light, strong and flexible, and won't occupy too much space in the kitchen.
Reusable: The scraper is made of non stick material, easy to clean. It can be washed with warm water or dishwasher, so you can use it many times.
Use: The side scraper design is very suitable for scraping, shoveling, whipping cream, cake, dough, bread and almost all things that need to be cleaned in the kitchen. It is neither sticky nor easy to use.
Features: Silicone scraper head, moderate in hardness and softness, easy to scrape oil stains, open a healthy life, can directly contact food, cold and heat resistant, not easy to deform, durable, tail hook design, clean after use, hang up, clean and sanitary.
Dimensions: 6.1 (L) inches x 2.6 (W) inches; Color: yellow (2 pieces).


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