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Vendor: Rowfaner

Magic Cloth Glass Cleaning Cloth

Magic Cloth Glass Cleaning Cloth

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【 Thickening Miracle Cleaning Cloth 】 Thickening Miracle Cleaning Cloths are made of microfibers that leave no trace when wiping glass items such as Windows and mirrors, leaving them as clean as new.
【Good Water absorption】 No stripe Miracle cleaning cloth super absorbent, with this cleaning cloth to wipe the glass will not leave ugly water stains, easy to get a clean stain-free mirror. Can be used for surface, cabinet, glass, faucet and so on.
【 Reusable and Machine Washable 】 Cleaning cloths are reusable, soft, and unscented. Fast drying, convenient cleaning, save time and effort. These window cloths are machine washable and can be cleaned and reused hundreds of times without losing their effectiveness.
【Fluff-free, Easy Care】 Universal microfiber towel weaves tightly to prevent leaving fluff! Use them to dry mirrors and Windows, absorb moisture and get rid of those lingering streaks. Use them on any smooth poreless surface!
【Wide Application】 * Usage: Wet the cloth first, wring out the water, and then apply on the surface. * Let dry to see a smooth new surface. You can use them on any smooth, poreless surface!


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