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Vendor: Rowfaner

Multifunctional Double-head Gap Brush Air Conditioner Outlet Cleaning Brush

Multifunctional Double-head Gap Brush Air Conditioner Outlet Cleaning Brush

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Premium Material: No matter how many times you use it, the auto detail brush will not fade and leave no bristles behind.
BRUSH SIZE: The car cleaning brush can get into all small crevices, corners, lug nuts or tight spaces. The brush design helps penetrate deep into the air conditioner's vents to pick up dust easier and faster.
CONVENIENT DESIGN: If you accidentally hit the car, the plastic handle prevents scratching the painted or polished surface. It is ergonomically designed so that you will not feel tired after long hours of work. The terry cloth cover is easily removed for washing.
EASY TO OPERATE: The brushes are designed to handle a variety of hard-to-reach places and quickly clean the sides of any size blinds. The bristles are soft enough to protect the surface you're working on, yet tough enough to pick up all the tough dirt.
Widely used: This tool is a great cleaning accessory for air conditioners, keyboards, fans, blinds.


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