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Vendor: Rowfaner

Rowfaner Smart Recliner

Rowfaner Smart Recliner

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Unlike other sofas, Sitjoysmartsofa X1 uses 80% Silicone fabric. It feels smooth and soft just like baby skin. You will be amazed at its comfort. More importantly, it boasts good fabric performance.

With strong wearability, it can prevent the chair from pet scratch damage. Also, it's easy to clean the stain on the fabric whether it's from food, drinks, and even oil. In addition, it is flame-retardant to prevent uncarefully dropped cigarette ends.

Creative Design

Smartsofa 6-gear armrests can be adjustable to any angle you like. You have more flexibility to find your favorite posture. With storage, it is convenient for you to get snacks or books. 

Intelligent Voice Control System

"Reading mode" " Game mode"  and " Sleep mode" ... With an intelligent voice control system, you can change the mode whatever you want, and you can set your favorite angle. You don't need to get up and press the button anymore.

360°Adjustable Cell Phone Holder

When you are lying on the couch watching a movie with your cell phone, your hands become sore in a few minutes. With this holder, you can free your hands. 

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