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Vendor: Rowfaner

Water Filter for Sink Faucet

Water Filter for Sink Faucet

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If you're tired of dry, irritated and flaky skin - it's time to filter your water!

😍  Eliminate Skin-Harming Toxins

🕑  Effortless and Quick Installation

💧  Purifies Tap Water

🌱  Eco-Friendly and Replaceable

Pure and Clean Water: Enjoy the benefits of our Faucet Water Filter, which uses a 0.1μm filtration capacity to provide excellent purification.

Long-lasting Filter: Water is filtered on demand by switching between pure and tap water, further prolonging the life of your water filter.

Versatile Use: Versatile application: With a tap filter you can ensure that your drinking water is of the highest quality, but it is also suitable for washing fruit and vegetables and cleaning dishes and cookware.

Important Note: This filter is only compatible with standard faucets. It is not compatible with pull-out, handheld, spray-style faucets, or those with sensors.

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